Full Range Automotive Engine Machine Shop

We offer a Full Range of Machine Services, from High Performance Engine Builds to Balancing and Resurfacing your work engine. What ever your engine need is, Hauser Automotive Machine has the expertise and experience to help you

We repair and refurbish engines, from automotive, heavy duty, and performance industries, as well as provide parts sales.

ASE Certified with over 50 years experience, Hauser Engine & Machine LLC is dedicated to provide a professional service to all our customers. Whatever your Engine Machine Shop Needs are We Can Help You!

We focus on customer service, providing the skills and precision to do things right, the First Time. Experienced working on high performance, racing, blueprint, crate and street engines.

Engine Block Repairs

Block Resurfacing
Main Bearing Fit & Alignment
Bore Main Bearing
Hone Main Bearing
Furnish Bearings

Crankshaft Repairs

Crack Detection
Turn Bearing Journals
Polish Bearing Journals
Straighten Bent Cranks

Cylinder Head Repair

Crack Check
Magnetic Particle
Pressure Testing
Surface Heads
Install Valve Guides
Install Seats

Piston/Rod Assemblies

Resize Journal End
Install Piston Pin Bushings
Assemble Pistons to Connecting Rods
Install Rings on Pistons

Diesel Injector Nozzles

Clean Nozzles
Check Nozzles
Test Nozzles
Rebuild Nozzles

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